How to measure your feet

Ordering by mail order can be frustrating, if you have to exchange the first pair you order for a different size because they were not your correct size. By collecting your measurements BEFORE purchase, we hope to help you to buy the correct size, if possible.

Shoe sizes in the shops today vary so much that it is unsafe to assume you know what size to order - we have matched the shoes on our website to measurements of customers' feet - so, by telling us YOUR foot measurements, you will be able to find out which size to order from us.

Step 1
Using these pictures as a guide, measure the length and girth of both your feet as accurately as you can*, and write down your measurements as you go - in millimetres.

*It is important to measure as accurately as possible, to the nearest millimetre, not just to the nearest whole centimetre. A difference of 2 or 3 millimetres can mean the next half size is required.
(Measure BOTH feet like this. Then, if they are slightly different sizes, give us the measurements for both feet.)

Step 2
Send us your measurements:

Your contact name
Your email address
LEFT foot: Right foot:
Length (mm)
Length (mm)
Circumference (mm)
Circumference (mm)


What you need:

Just a ruler, a tape measure, pencil and paper...
First - the length of each foot: place your foot over a ruler...note down the length, in millimetres (should be between 195mm and 230mm).
Then measure the circumference, around the widest part, just behind the toes (should be between 180mm and 230mm).

Use the FORM to send us the measurements, and we will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible, so that you can order online. Once an order is placed, however, it will be processed on the basis of the size ordered - if your are going to send measurements, they must be sent and discussed BEFORE placing your order.

*It is not possible to give a simple chart that says a certain length means a certain size. A foot of a particular length could fit any one of two or three sizes - it depends on the width and shape of the foot, and also the style of the shoe being fitted.

Some shoes are labelled according to different sizing scales, which do not match ours, so, in order to supply shoes which should consistently fit the size ordered, we sometimes need to correct the size originally marked on the sole of the shoe.