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About small-shoes.co.uk

Small-shoes.co.uk was started in 2003 by two people, with a passion for providing elegant, high-quality women's shoes in small sizes - Janet and Chris Granger. They felt they had to do something to make it easier to find small shoes in the UK, after Janet spent months trying to find ANY shoes that would fit her, and having no luck. Initially, they set up a support site, hoping to discover shops that did sell small shoes, but soon realised there were hardly any left! So - they started to import quality, stylish shoes in small sizes form Italy and Spain. Soon they had a collection of hundreds of pairs of small shoes, and supplied hundreds of eager customers all over the UK and in Europe. This continued until 2013, when the business was transferred to Pretty-small-shoes.com.

Small-shoes.co.uk was always kept lean and efficient - to ensure that you get great value for money, personal customer care and prompt delivery. Now that Pretty-small-shoes.com have taken control, this tradition will be continued, with a greatly expanded range and many new and exciting styles that we are sure you will love!

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Small-shoes.co.uk is now owned and operated by pretty-small-shoes.com which are both part of the Kandy Collective LLP group.
Unit 6, St Albans House, 26, St Albans Lane, London, NW11 7QE Tel: 0208 455 2548 e-mail

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